Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chore Update from the Mom!

Dear FSS Spy,

I just wanted to report to you that all of the children have been doing there chores faithfully, thoroughly and consistently. They have chore packs that they have to do everyday. But....on top of that they have been doing some extra stuff without being asked. Yesterday, Briley mopped the kitchen, living room, dining room and hallway without even being asked because she wanted to surprise me. Caleb grabs the baby and is constantly taking care of his needs (putting pacifier in his mouth, laying next to him and singing, bringing me diapers, etc) without having to be asked, Isaiah has become the self-proclaimed trash man in our house and has to gather the trash each morning. But throughout the day, he constantly picks up whatever trash or paper item he might see and just takes care of it without being told, and Audrey cries if I ask one of the children for something and she doesn't get to get it for me. She wants to help do everything! They all have been helping to try and potty train Macey since I have a hard time getting her in and out of the bathroom. They cheer her on and even reward her with marshmallows. She is making real progress and it has been because of the kids.
As their mommy, I am very proud of the daily work they are doing and the extra stuff they have been doing on their own. They have not complained one time and that means a lot! They have really got their act together and have applied themselves to out new system and structure. I am blessed to have such a great bunch of kids!

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